Caring For Your Cutting Board - Our Do's and Don'ts


A cutting board is one of the most used pieces in your kitchen. It can be the centerpiece of the room or it could be something that gets shoved into a drawer or cabinet the second you know company is coming over. We'd rather you want to show off your cutting board. We search for the most beautiful, hardwoods around to create the cutting boards of your dreams. 

Even though our boards are meant to stand the test of time, normal wear and tear, washing and taking a knife to anything can cause damage. With the proper maintenance, we guarantee that you'll be able to keep your board looking pristine for years to come!

This doesn't only apply to our cutting boards either. To maintain the beauty of your cutting board, cheese board, wine caddies or spreader knives for years to come, follow these simple instructions:

Do wash with warm, soapy water after each use.
Don't soak in water or run through the dishwasher. This can cause your board to warp and crack.
Do oil your board 1-2 times per year or as needed (you'll know when it needs it!) with mineral oil, beeswax or a combination of both. We use Walrus Oil's Cutting Board Oil and Wood Wax in case you're looking to continue with the same products that we have already used on your pieces. By the way, this is not a sponsored post, we just really like their stuff! :) 

Kaitlyn Nardi